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Erin Kilmer Neel and Oakland Grown: Building a strong local economy in Oakland

Erin Kilmer-Neel believes that we can repair our culture of disconnectedness by strengthening our localized economy. “Money drives so much of what makes the world go round that if we are thoughtful about where we spend and save and invest, we can make the

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Catherine Bracy, Code For America And Oakland’s Tech Ecosystem

Compare the tech community on the East Coast, particularly in New York and Boston, to that of the West Coast, particularly the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, and the differences might not be readily apparent. But look a bit closer and the word “community” seems to

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Building the sharing economy in the East Bay

One minute, hard and fast, is not much time in which to explain an idea, especially if that idea is a proposal for an innovative new sharing economy model that is going to bridge the wealth gap. But if that’s how much time you’ve

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Jason Young, Kurt Collins, Kilimanjaro Robbs, Ty Moore: The Hidden Genius Project

A slew of tech start-ups have grown up in Oakland over the past decade, and companies like Pandora, Pixar and are bringing the city national attention. Yet Oakland’s strongest asset, its diversity, is not fully reflected in the tech companies based in The

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Steve Spiker, Oakland open data advocate

A leading Oakland activist and urban planner, Steve “Spike” Spiker was one of 15 “Champions of Change” recently honored in D. C. for helping to re-invent government and its relation to citizens. Spike remains focused on the issues facing Oakland’s low-income communities, and on helping