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Oakland’s Sprinkle Lab establishes themselves as hybrid art and commercial video production company

In the Queens D. Light music video for Love Pistol (below), the hip hop griot hunts nubile Adonises with a bow and arrow.She accepts worship from stone male statues in her chain link garden sanctuary and she spins urban legends with her hands. Like

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Oakland’s Enlisted Design changes the studio biz model

“We’ve had many opportunities to leave Oakland, but we love Oakland. Every designer we have, with the exception of maybe one, lives in the East Bay. What we’re betting on and investing in is that Oakland is going to be the new design scene.”

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Pitch Mixer’s Ayori Selassie: Helping start-ups succeed– in Oakland and the Bay

Having been born and raised in West Oakland, it is safe to say that Ayori Se has developed a deep connection to her native city. Growing up as one of eight children, Ayori’s childhood taught her the value of hard work, and the reciprocity

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Smart pivoting moved Oakland’s Fotonotes startup towards profitability

FotoNotes started as Fotobabble, a consumer app that lets you narrate your photos: lighter weight than video, but more interactive than photos. But as founder Kamal Shah and his team began marketing the app and getting people to try it, several companies approached them

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Could Oakland’s Naveen Jain and The Immunity Project solve HIV?

Oaklander Naveen Jain may have stumbled on a groundbreaking idea:  Anyone can be a superhero. Because instead of super-speed or impossible strength, these heroes can beat the deadliest virus on planet Earth. HIV controllers, the 1 in 300 people who have a natural immunity to HIV,