True Mileage

Usage-based insurance for everyone.

True Mileage helps insurance companies grow profitably through attraction and retention of low mileage drivers. True Mileage is the only company offering a complete driving verification program to insurers through a single source.

By removing cellular modems from devices, and vertically integrating, we have made it profitable for any insurer to launch an ongoing mileage verification program.

We have major competitive advantages in simplicity, cost, privacy, and analytics. Our patent pending technology collects and transmits verified driving data at significantly lower costs, and our analytics immediately provide accurate mileage related discounts for insurers.

Low mileage drivers with participating insurance companies may save hundreds with mileage and nighttime mileage discounts without sacrificing location privacy.


Ryan Morrison, CEO
Greg Defouw, CTO

Funding info at Angelist:

Ryan Morrison, CEO
(510) 350-7506


4231 Montgomery St #207, Oakland, CA

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