The Job Menu

Craigslist for Small Businesses. The Job Menu is a new small business-centered job posting platform founded by a family of Bay Area entrepreneurs.

The Job Menu is dedicated to providing job and resume postings, rental listings, and career resources for local job seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Job Menu’s management and support teams include founders and small business owners with a wide range of skills and expertise in the Bay Area. At The Job Menu, we are connecting a network of small business jobs to local job seekers. With affordable posting rates and a focus on the thriving Bay Area, The Job Menu hopes to foster a resourceful connection among small business employers and local job-seekers in its communities.

With our bilingual English/Chinese platform, we hope to connect Chinese and Chinese American job seekers with employers searching for bilingual professionals.


Jady Leung, Founder


825 Webster St, Oakland, CA

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