Might Minnow is website design and development company that specializes in making websites that are search engine friendly and work on all devices with easy maintenance. Mighty Minnow also has a webschool offering web-related classes in Oakland, CA. The team is a tight knit group of talented web developers, designers, UI/UX professionals, project managers.

Founder Kristin Long is a Bay Area based web developer and technology trainer who started building websites in 1998. For 15 years she has been helping nonprofits, small startups, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and large companies create and maintain professional web sites. With her diverse background in website design and development, Kristin can help you create a site with a smart, savvy image that will help your company or organization succeed and grow. Kristin is also an Adobe certified web developer and an Adobe certified instructor specializing in Dreamweaver & WordPress development (including how they work together).

Kristin Long, Founder
(510) 629-1440


1440 Broadway #711, Oakland, CA

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