Kapor Center for Social Impact

The Kapor Center for Social Impact relentlessly pursues creative strategies that will leverage information technology for positive social impact. Kapor primarily works with underrepresented communities, focusing on gap-closing endeavors which include investing in suitable uses of tech to close gaps and enable equitable access and participation (mostly through investments), advancing underrepresented populations in the tech ecosystem, namely African Americans and Latino/as, and undertaking efforts based in Oakland, California, the community in which we work and live.

The Kapor Center partners with a diverse set of stakeholders to maximize social impact with proven methods from the for-profit and non-profit fields. They are inspired by values-driven companies and their mission is reflected in their decision-making processes, hiring decisions, conflict resolution, feedback mechanisms, choice of vendors and partners, professional development and day-to-day work behavior.

Cedric Brown & Nicole Sanchez, Managing Partners
(510) 488-6600


2201 Broadway #725, Oakland, CA

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