Feykena is a hybrid mobile and web service that would provide low-cost, on-demand information to students in emerging nations, via text message. Currently in Beta mode, their products would allow access to educational, informational, health and commerce resources including dictionaries and encyclopedias, historical and news facts, basic mathematical calculations, and the capacity to locally curate relevant data through “SMS, MMS, USSD (text messaging), GPRS and other mobile interfaces as available”.

Dwalu Khasu, CEO of Feykena, is a technologist, software architect and entrepreneur. He specializes in scalable, reliable and secure web architectures, distributed computing, extensible and maintainable software frameworks, unix, perl, c/c++, data mining, web-crawling, analytics, internet media (marketing and advertising), vendor management, AWS architectures, deployment, automation and migration.

Dwalu Khasu, CEO
(415) 763-7637


317 Washington St. #158, Oakland, CA

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