Business Image Group

Business Image Group (BIG) is a design service that develops and produces strategically relevant content, artwork, signage and exhibits for businesses. They curate and design their clients’ business facilities in a way that visually communicates their products, services, market position, brands, culture and community.

Deliverables include art programs, exhibits, educational displays, wall murals, banners, visual merchandizing, signage and architectural accessories.

BIG has experience with a variety of market segments ranging from enterprise, hospitality, government, education, entertainment, and health care. Past clients include Starwood Hotels, the U.S. District Courts, Nestle, Schwab, Union Bank, Georgetown University, and TriStar Pictures.

Their work is produced locally, employing best environmental practices and American-made resource materials whenever practical.

Bennett Hall, CEO
(415) 434-8745


755 Apple St., Oakland, CA

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