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Clef: Oakland mobile start-up ends need for passwords

I sat down with CEO Brennen Byrne of CLEF to talk about his start-up, life in Oakland, and tech diversity. Clef is a three person start-up based in Jack London Square that solves the frustration of having to memorize dozens of passwords and promotes

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Oaklandish CEO Angela Tsay sees community as the roots of good business

“We realized there was a real hunger for people to find a way to express their Oakland pride,” says Angela Tsay, CEO and Creative Director of Oakland’s iconic t-shirt company, Oaklandish. She is recalling the time in 2006 when she and Jeff Hull, who

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Nicole Lazzaro: Pioneer game designer based in Oakland

Nicole Lazzaro, founder of Oakland based XEODesign, opened the curtains of a picture window behind her desk overlooking College Avenue, to reveal a super-sized “Clyde” Pac Man ghost, made of 1.5 inch orange post-it notes.  Clyde is the mascot of the hour, but for

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Profile: José Corona, Inner City Advisors

By Burt Dragin José Corona’s funky workspace suits him fine. The cavernous building on Fourth Street in Oakland’s industrial downtown once functioned as mayoral campaign headquarters for Jerry Brown. It features a bar, a loft, some mismatched furniture, and the requisite conference room. Corona,

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Kalimah Priforce: How do we build tech equity for Oakland’s youth?

Having experienced first hand the transformative power of education and mentorship, Oakland entrepreneur and community leader Kalimah Priforce has gained considerable recognition for his contributions to invigorating the careers of young people. A native of the Bedford Stuyvestant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Kalimah sought out