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Oakland Design studio tour: FATHOM

“Our overhead costs are higher in Oakland than they could be in other places, but we stay because we love it here. Our team lives in Oakland.” — Elizabeth Griffin, Marketing Manager of FATHOM Oakland-based 3D printing studio FATHOM doesn’t bother with taking typical employee

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City staffer Margot Prado has a vision for Oakland’s manufacturing industry

How Margot Prado makes time to be a West Javanese dance instructor on top of acting as Senior Economic Development Specialist for the city of Oakland, co-chairing the $5 million Bay Area Regional Prosperity Plan and co-founding Oakland Makers, is one of life’s great

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Oakland Design Studio Tour: Because We Can

“The community here in Oakland is fantastic. From just a half mile of where we are right now, I can think of at least a half dozen fabrication shops that we can turn to for help. If we need something, we know exactly who

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Oakland’s Bedrock Analytics and enterprise start-ups help Bay Area businesses

When you think of “start-ups,” you might think of  coders in garages, trendy apps, and acquisitions. You might not think of a software company like Bedrock Analytics, a new data visualization tool stationed in Jack London Square. They aren’t making a flashy app, baiting clicks, or

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Echa Schneider: Oakland’s pinball-playing blog goddess is a secret library nerd

Echa Schneider, web developer at Oakland Public Library, used to hang out in Reed College’s rec room dropping quarters into a pinball machine. It was Medieval Madness, she remembers, and the object of the game was to  knock over a castle. A Classics major from