The Oakland Tech Ecosystem: Who’s Who and Who’s Here showcases the diversity and depth of tech innovator and problem-solving in Oakland, Ca. Led by a diverse team from Oakland Local and a growing coalition of media and community partners, this project was started through a partnership with The Kapor Center for Social Impact and continued with the support of many people and organizations, including the Uptown/Downtown CBD and 2.Oakland.  We welcome more partners to continue covering the evolving tech and business ecosystem in Oakland!

In the past 18 months, the community of Oaklanders who are building software, web tech, and mobile apps has expanded. The number of Oakland makers, designers, and artisans who are creating and utilizing tech tools as a key component of work has also multiplied, as have the number of green tech and solar companies operating in the area.

Oakland has the foundational components for a strong “tech community”: four local Chambers of Commerce, multiple business networking organizations, an engaged City of Oakland economic development group, and numerous programs and meet-ups to promote civic tech, open government, digital equity and inclusion, mobile development, and start-up funding among other elements. But there hasn’t been a fuller understanding of who and what tech and tech-related businesses and organizations in Oakland existed—and how to find one another—until now.

Nurturing this growth means working with and supporting the many organizations active in Oakland to support digital equity and inclusion and healthy business growth–and creating a media outlet and community to link them together and tell their stories.

Partners Include:

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Core Team

Susan Mernit, Chairman, co-founder

Margaret Lucas,  Publisher, co-founder

Team members include: LaToya Tooles, Suzanne Yada

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