We had a very engaged and interested crowd at the March 26 BACC forum on Design thinking for an Inclusive Economy and lots of folks asked for more resources to learn about design thinking. Here’s some suggestions from the panel:

Seyed M. Amiry, Cooperative Ventures/Uptima Boot Camp

Francesca Barrientos, CISCO, designer

James McBryan, Co-Founder, OurVolts

  • Lean Startup — the quintessential book that every entrepreneur should read in order to reduce their risk in building a new idea
  • Fail Con — a conference all about failure and how to make sure you harness it, transform it, and do it

Anca Mosoiu,Co-Founder, OurVolts

  • The Oaklean meetup.  Lean Design and development discussion from User Experience experts that have started to relocate to Oakland. 
  • Nir and Far: Design blog from Nir Eyal, a behavior researcher from Stanford.  He talks a lot about how design influences people to behave in a certain way. This week he has a guest post that talks about intended and unintended consequences of the Udemy.com class registration process.
  • User Ballot:  This is an Oakland-based startup that provides a very simple tool for asking users who come to your site a yes/no question.  It’s a great way to get feedback from users without asking them to register for anything or take a survey.

Have more suggestions? Please leave in the comments.

Image: http://www.frogdesign.com/work/frog-collective-action-toolkit.html