Oakland has great maker spaces that might not fit the need for a full-time office, but can provide access to tools, resources, equipment and community.

Ace Monster Toys
6050 Lowell Street, Oakland, CA 94608
(510) 545-3245

Ace Monster Toys is a hackerspace in the East Bay dedicated to education, hacking, and maker culture. Their group is membership-based with regular, free open-to-the-public classes and events. The best way to find out if this is the space for you is to visit.

Pricing: Paying dues gets you a key with full access to the space. Standard dues are $80/month, or you can pay a $250/month “desk rate,” which gets you your own private desk, or a $40/month “starving hacker” rate for students, unemployed/underemployed, and others who are financially unable to make the standard dues.

Berkeley Sky Deck Accelerator
2150 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 642-2734

Combines consulting know-how with the vast resources of the University to offer a startup launchpad for aspiring and promising business models.

Pricing: Must be accepted to participate. Apply here (http://skydeck.berkeley.edu/apply/).

LOLspace/Oakland Maker Space
1234 23rd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606

Founded and led by people of color, LOL! — Liberating Ourselves Locally – is an Oakland Maker Space that works for a future where members of the community can be involved in all aspects of creating things that sustain us, such as food, clothing, energy, technology, shelter, and art.

Pricing: You can rent space for meetings, rehearsals, performances and to see clients. Contact oaklandmakerspace@gmail.com for more information.

Mothership HackerMoms
3288 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA
Members have 24/7 access to the space.

Mothership HackerMoms is the first-ever women’s hackerspace in the world. This membership-based space offers on-site childcare through their HackerSprouts Kids’ Education program.

Pricing: Membership is $62/month. Find out the details here (http://mothership.hackermoms.org/membership/).

8410 Amelia Street, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 633-0506

NIMBY is an industrial workspace where artists and hobbyists can work on their own projects or collaborate with others. NIMBY not only offers space to create, but supports its artists with resources and assistance in sourcing re-purposed material, as well as logistical and technical guidance.

Sudo Room
2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
Members have 24/7 access to the space.

Sudo Room is a creative community that has open membership, and is non-hierarchical and collaborative. They are all types: tech developers, citizen scientists, activists, artists, and all combinations in between and beyond.

Pricing: Sudo Room is financially supported by its membership including sliding-scale monthly membership dues. They have a “suggested dues” of about $60 and will adjust accordingly each month. Sign up here (https://sudoroom.org/membership/).

Zoo Labs
1035 7th Street, Oakland, CA 94607

A recording studio, exhibition space and startup lab, Zoo labs calls itself a creative incubator where music, art and technology intersect. Check them out if you’re a burgeoning music producer, artist, or startup.

Pricing: Monthly memberships to the Startup Lab and the Beat Lab start at $200.

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