At a certain point, you may want to rent a separate space — like a room with some desks — for your business or project. For many smaller businesses, startups, or nonprofits, one popular route is to look at older buildings in the downtown area. These buildings are the homes of dozens of smaller endeavors and usually have affordable space available.

Some of the downtown buildings that house many non-profits include:

All of these buildings are part of the Uptown/Downtown/Lake Merritt Community Benefit District (CBD). Individual listings are often advertised on LoopNet, but the CBD is a great place to start for inquiries.

Lake Merritt Uptown District Association
388 19th St, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 452-4529

For a newer space, a bigger space, or something that’s been outfitted with high-speed Internet access or fiber optics, there are multiple buildings downtown that have been wired for tech-focused businesses, but there is also competition for space. Some new buildings, like the Tribune Tower and the redone I.Magnin building are 92% rented as of November 2013.

Resources for finding more wired spaces include local commercial real estate brokers, but you can also connect with the following and ask them about local real estate:

Oakland Association of Realtors
1528 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 272-0661

There are too many real estate brokers in Oakland to count, but some of the commercial space brokers include:

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