Back in May 2013, the Boy Scouts of America sent a Cease and Desist letter to local tech/kids group Hacker Scouts, which teaches tech & maker skills to youth, when they tried to trademark their name, saying it infringed on the Boy Scouts of America trademarks– and they needed to change the Hacker Scouts name to something else or face legal action.

(For Oaklanders, this story of the big org going after the little org may sound familiar–back in 2010, when local restaurant Homeroom was planning its launch, the original name was little mac and MacDonald’s sent them a cease and desist and they changed their name.)

But the Hack Scouts founder, Oaklander Samantha Matalone Cook, says she doesn’t agree. “There are so many scouting organizations around the country that it doesn’t make any sense for them to prohibit the use of the name,” Cook recently told SF Business Journal.

So here we are in August and Hack Scouts in going into the Fall using its original name. In fact, allies of the group did some digging and share that the BSA actually has not trademarked the words “scouts” or “scout,” –even though they have trademarked some phrases with the word “scout” in the phrase.

So what’s the latest latest?

According to Cook, “we have recently sent one last letter to the BSA, hoping for an amicable compromise. ”

Undoubtly, more to come.